MAGFest 2017 Main Stage Chiptunes Flyer

from pixie druid


Hey, it's that flyer I designed for MAGFest 2017's main stage chiptune concerts!
It's printed on heavyweight, postcard-thick, glossy cover paper!
It's about 11"x17"!
Buying it sure would help me out a lot!
Putting it on your wall will make your room feel cozy!

There's a separate listing for the other flyer I designed for the Chipspace showcases if you want that one instead.
There's also another separate listing if you want BOTH flyers, at a discounted rate!

ships out within 3 days

  $5 USD or more 



pixie druid Boston, Massachusetts

I print merchandise for a lot of people in the chiptune and VGM community. I also do a little designing here and there. All merch orders include free stickers, candy, and paper cranes.

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